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Today’s small business owner faces a very challenging operating and competitive environment. If implemented and supported properly, your IT systems should provide you with a competitive advantage. Ascend ensures that our client’s technology is aligned with their short term and long-term business strategies and is designed to minimize business risk. Our managed processes efficiently provide consistent and reliable service delivery.

Ascend’s Managed IT Services provides your small business with the following primary benefits:

  • Reducing Costs & Overhead
  • Improving Staff Productivity and Capabilities
  • Reaching new customer segments
  • Improving Data Analytics for better and faster decision making
  • Innovate more effectively
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Managing Competitive Threats

Ascend IT Solutions delivers these primary benefits through the following services:

Strategic Technology Roadmap(tm) – Co-Development and implementation of the Strategic Technology Roadmap(tm) ensures that your IT systems are closely aligned to support your business’ strategic goals. Technology gaps and business risks are identified and a prioritized action plan is developed and budgeted for. Ascend’s planning process brings discipline and efficiency. As a business owner, you will work closely with an MBA with deep technology experience in developing your Strategic Technology Roadmap(tm).

vCIO – Ascend assigns a dedicated vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) to your company to meet with you on a regular basis. The vCIO ensures that the developed Strategic Technology Roadmap(tm) is being implemented according to plan and reassess the plan as needed based on any internal changes to your company as well as changes in the external business environment. Encompassed within the vCIO role is the continual delivery of high-value technology consulting, vendor management, technology steering, planning, and budgeting. The vCIO also works closely as a team with your assigned Network Administrator regarding any identified business risks to ensure their quick resolution.

Data and Application Integration – too often small businesses must rely on error prone and inefficient human processes to move data from one data silo to another. One by-product of the Strategic Technology Roadmap(tm) is the identification of high ROI Integration Projects to automate the flow of data between applications and departments.

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Proactive Network Administration - A key component of aligning your business’ IT infrastructure per the developed Strategic Technology Roadmap(tm) are periodic, regularly-scheduled full one day on-site visits by a Network Administrator. The on-site visits are to ensure the implementation of IT standards and best practices. This is a true proactive service that works to eliminate most reactive issues, identify and correct technology related business risks, and address the technical aspects of the Strategic Technology Roadmap(tm).

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Help Desk Support – Ascend’s Help Desk support is available 24/7/365 so that your employees are never left alone trying to overcome an IT issue – even late at night or on weekends when working hard to complete a crucial project. Too often an unexpected IT issue can waste your employee’s valuable time when support isn’t there when it’s really needed. Ascend’s support programs enable your employees to focus on their tasks by dramatically reducing the problems that IT can too often present.

24/7/365 IT Support – Ascend’s support programs enable your employees to focus on their tasks by reducing the problems that IT can too often present. System up-time and Optimization through the use of pro-active 24/7 centralized monitoring and maintenance of your IT systems, Ascend ensures that your systems are available and operating as efficiently as possible to avoid productivity losses.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) - With the rapid, and often uncontrolled, explosion of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), the use of personal mobile devices within the business presents blessings as well as curses. Development and implementation of an MDM policy is crucial. Ascend works with you to develop an appropriate MDM policy and provides your business scalable monitoring, management and support of iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.

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Managed Remote Back-up & Disaster Recovery - Fires, Hurricanes, Hard drive failures, hacker attacks (e.g. Cryptoblocker), and theft can cripple or even be fatal for a small business. It is absolutely essential that your business have a well-designed, managed, and tested BDR (Backup & Disaster Recovery) plan. Ascend provides for secure offsite backup of your critical systems and data. Ascend’s centralized BDR monitoring and management ensures that your business is able to quickly resume operations after disaster strikes.

Managed Security - Heartbleed and Cryptoblocker are just a few of the many security threats that a business faces that can cause significant business interruption. Ascend provides a fully-managed security solution that includes managed firewall protection as well as fully managed anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-malware protection.

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