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Managed IT Services

Today’s small business owner faces a very challenging operating and competitive environment. If implemented and supported properly, your IT systems should provide you with a competitive advantage...

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one means of reducing costs and enhancing productivity. Unfortunately purchasing cloud services is a confusing and an error prone process since marketing hype and complexity can make assessing...

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Application Integration

A key approach for your company to establish a competitive advantage is to substantially decrease the time delay between when a piece of data is generated/updated and the decisions made based on that information. Similarily...

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Web development

Today the standard for corporate websites is the use of a Content Management System, or CMS. This is true even for the small business - - the days of the static HTML pages are long gone. Likewise, becauseof the prevelance of mobile...

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IT Project Delivery

Underlying Ascend's IT Project Delivery services is a solid foundation based on established project management fundamentals...

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Advance Your Business

You're a small business with a need for seamless, full-service IT solutions: reliable, secure, integrated and most importantly strategic. That’s what Ascend IT Solutions, Inc. provides, 24x7x365. If you’re looking for value and quality, along with top-notch vCIO services and application integration, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s advance your business.

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Why use Managed IT Services?

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Executive Summary

Labor shortages, Operational Efficiency…

The current labor shortage is choking your ability to grow sales and profits. Wages are increasing a...

Technology Notes

Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life

Microsoft has announced that after July 14, 2015, that it will discontinue support for Windows 2003...