Best Support Team, Right Price, Worry Free

Ascend IT Solutions provides excellent technical support and great IT planning recommendations. Their excellent support team is only a phone call or an email away, ready to solve any technical challenges in real time.

I rarely worry about the IT infrastructure or systems that Ascend supports. All this gives us the freedom and ability to focus on addressing the business needs.

They are the best support team you can have at the right price.

Shahin Sazej Shahin Sazej CIO / Managing Member
KJM Capital LLC

Quick Response, Listens, Solves Issues

As a small company with 7 employees, when we run into IT issues Ascend IT Solutions quickly resolves the issue. John and his team go above and beyond by giving us advice on how to improve our email marketing. We find that for the cost and overall experience Ascend out does every other provider.

If you need a company that listens and solves issues, look no further than Ascend IT Solutions.

Candice Hume Candice Hume Chief Operating Officer
Engage Driver Solutions, LLC

Quick to Reply, Highly Recommend

With Ascend IT Solutions as a partner, we feel confident that our website is secure and up to date. If we have special projects, we know that Ascend IT is ready to help and always quick to respond to our requests.

Ascend IT absolutely keeps us in tip-top shape. John is quick to reply to emails if I have a question or problem. He thoughtfully works through ideas I have on more than one occasion, either offering (after research) a good way to implement them or explaining to me why it might not be the best solution for our needs.

We work together to create a special section for our annual report each year. John is most helpful with the design and layout, and in getting the changes or new section done quickly. We’ve worked with Ascend IT since 2015 and we highly recommend them.

Janet de Guehery Communications & Marketing Manager
Florida Community Loan Fund